PTSD induced nightmares cause chronic sleep disruptions
Lack of sleep takes its toll on first responders and veterans suffering from PTSD nightmares
Over time it can erode their ability to cope, leading to depression and suicide

ChillBand, combined with its mobile app, monitors through the night to detect and block the onset of PTSD nightmares

How it works –

When ChillBand’s sensors detect stress levels rising, it automatically starts treatment to block the stress response prior to waking. Once sensors detect the stress has subsided, ChillBand automatically stops treatment. The monitoring, treatment and response to treatment data is maintained and displayed in the mobile app

Sensors monitor stress levels and the ChillBand algorithm autonomously starts and ends treatment

Why this is better –

  • The closed loop feedback between monitoring and treatment enables autonomous operation
  • Unlike medications, the amount and duration of treatment is based on sensor feedback
  • Over time, historical data will enable the algorithms to fine tune onset detection and customize treatment for peak efficacy