Stress associated with dental visits takes a toll on your patients… which directly affects the bottom line of your practice. Studies show 75% are stressed to some degree during visits, 20% put off care until they can no longer tolerate the pain. And 5% are so fearful they go without dental care at all.

Stress can harm your practice in many ways. Missed appointments create demoralizing downtime and can cost up to $73000 a year in lost revenue.

Stress is everywhere, so patients are already compromised when they arrive. How much time do you lose calming stressed patients? When schedules back up, pressure builds on your staff and patients in the waiting room are delayed.

Now imagine you had a way to block your patent’s stress that was a simple as attaching a wristwatch. Consider the advantages of being able to see your patient’s stress level at a glance 

We at MindFramers are developing a wearable device that blocks stress using FDA approved technology. While originally invented for nausea, only MindFramers has been able to enhance the technology to block stress.

ChillBand is a wearable device that uses biosensors to measure stress levels. Our proprietary technology blocks stress by stimulating acupoints on the patient’s wrist, leaving them stress-free

Even those not highly stressed during visits can benefit. With ChillBand, patient stress levels are displayed on a mobile device, such as a tablet, keeping you constantly informed. Imagine pausing during a procedure and proactively checking with your patient before they feel the need to interrupt.

Less stress for patients also means less stress for you and your staff, helping to improve your bottom line. 

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